The small city is easy to navigate on foot and public transport serves the outlying areas.

By foot – Walking around Alanya is a pleasant way to see the sights. Places of interest are all located in a fairly condensed area and the beach is within walking distance of the city centre. There is little reason to use transportation while staying in the city centre. Summer days can be hot, though, so do carry plenty of water, wear a cap and suncream and stay in the shade whenever possible.
Dolmus – A type of shared taxi / minivan, frequent dolmuses travel on set routes around the city, to and from the airport, and to places a little farther afield. You can wave down a dolmus anywhere on its route and, as long as there is space, it will stop to collect you. Payment is made to the driver. Riding in a dolmus in Alanya is an affordable and convenient way of getting around, though they are often crowded.
Buses – Public buses connect Alanya with nearby towns and cities. Tickets can be bought from the bus station. Alternatively, you can pay the driver on some services.
Scooters – Electric scooters are becoming a more common way for independent travellers to explore Alanya and its surrounds. There are several stations around the city.
Taxis – Taxis are widely available in Alanya. Many drivers will, however, refuse to use the meter, coming up with all manner of inventive excuses, so you will probably need to agree on a price before starting your journey.