Tophane Neighborhood has a fascinating feature by its traditional street fabric with recently restorated traditional Alanya houses. All of these houses, built on quite sloping ground, face to the sea.

Each house has its own cistern due to lack of natural water. In the 1600s, Evliya Çelebi stated that access was provided by mules; Martin Leake wrote that he was very surprised by expertly built houses in 1810, houses in Alanya rose as a shape of terrace with back to back, by this rise houses were seemed like overlapping when looked from the counter and flat roof of some part of houses in same line served as door in front and a small street for upper houses.

At the Tophane Neighborhood, presenting the profile of a daily life for Alanya with its old traditional houses and 13th century small mosque, Andızlı and Wooden Minaret Mosques, Hagios Constantinous and Mikail Archengelos Churches as well as an old fisherman’s house which is converted to a boutique hotel after its restoration, gourd crafts workshop unique to Alanya, its friendly people with its sea view, you can also see endemic plant and butterfly species distinctive to Alanya.

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