Seki – A village near Alanya, the ancient city of Syedra is a highlight of a trip here. Excavations are ongoing at the site and it offers a tantalising peek into the past.
Saklıkent – This ski resort offers winter snow activities from November to May.
Aspendos – Home to a historic amphitheatre, this is an ideal day trip for history lovers.
Termessos – The drive across the mountains to this ancient city is an experience in itself and the destination, with its rock-hewn tombs and ancient amphitheatre, doesn’t disappoint.
Köprülü National Park – A terrific trip for nature lovers, this national park is filled with interesting flora and fauna and there are many beautiful swiss replica watches views. An old Roman bridge spans part of the gaping canyon.
Belek – This resort town boasts some of Turkey’s best golf courses.

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