The structure with a traditional Alanya house on south of the Red Tower at Aşağı Kale (Lower Castle) is known as Çarşı Bath.

The bath, built with quarry stone, brick and lime mortar but repaired by using concrete with cement mortar in the Republican period, is domed in the center, has transversally hot room and dual single room. Hot room was designed in a system as square plan, domed in the center, single rooms in the corners with small domes on the top, which were common in Turkish baths starting from 12th to 20th century.

The space is lightened by spans, called as elephant’s eye on the dome. Water of the bath was provided from a cistern found on back of Girene Fountain, built in 13th century and had its water from outside of the wall. Historical bath was operated by owner of the house until 1960s.

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