Cannon House that was built by ashlars protects the harbour and shipyard from southwestern side.

Cannon House with two storeys has 19 m height; it connects to the main wall by a vaulted corridor. On the sea side of bottom floor, there are two rooms which has high ceiling that has windows open to the sea and land side. In front of the rooms, after a long corridor you can reach to an entrance that is known as “devil hall” that has windows on the right and left side.

You can go to the 2nd floor of the tower after a corridor that has three rooms around two side of it. From three side of this floor have four rooms that have arched doors. Inside of all rooms and parts and arch of doors were built by brick. There is a cistern that provides to water needs of guards.

Five column pieces and statue of a woman on north face and four pieces of marble columns on east face of the structure draw the attention as spolia. Pitch and boiling spans of footstalls, which open to north and south sides of tower is decorated with lion’s head. It is written that the Cannon House was built two years after Red Tower by Alaeddin Kayqubad, the sultan of the land and two seas, in inscription with two pieces on north face of the tower.

There is also a two – piece inscription on sea side of tower. Old Alanyalı people mentioned the existence of cannons above the Cannon House in Alanya book of İbrahim Hakkı Konyalı, published in 1946. Evliya Çelebi wrote that a grand tower armed with “Balyemez” cannons protected shipyard and harbor.