Located on Alanya – Mersin highway at 23 km east of Alanya, the oldest known history of the sites goes to 7th century BC. There is a settlement between 7th century BC and 13th century AD in the city.

The city, which had a quite large zone of occupation, was fortified. It is a sample of a Roman settlement with quite large cisterns, which fed by a natural spring with plastered internally and, a baptism cave with ruins inside, a grandiose bath with mosaic ruins on the ground, gymnasium, a colonnade street and shops on its side, temple, theatre, churches, administrative structures and acropolis and necropolis areas. Even though rioters against the empire in all Rome in the 2nd century BC could be seen in this region, people of Syedra sided with empire against them. Therefore, they were honored by a grateful letter by the Roman emperor Septimius Severus (194 AD). This letter, written on a marble, was presented to the public at Syedra colonnade street. Today it is exhibited at Alanya Archeology Museum.

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