There are many shops in Alanya that cater to tourists, although many sell a similar selection of wares so you’ll only need to look in a few to find local souvenirs and gifts. Typical products include clothing and beach accessories like sunglasses, towels, inflatable toys and sarongs, Turkish tea sets, shisha pipes and trinkets. Keep in mind that haggling is expected at most stores.

Ataturk Boulevard – You’ll find a number of shops along this road, with many selling similar items aimed at tourists.
Alanya Bazaar – A huge market with many vendors, there are plentiful fake designer clothes and accessories here, as well as common souvenirs and packaged spices. The bazaar takes place every Friday.
Deepo Outlet Center – A large outlet centre, which is located right next to the airport. This is a good place to hunt for bargain clothing, homewares and accessories.