Serviced Apartments: Serviced Apartment / Residential hotels provide long-term or permanent accommodation for Guest. Usually guest makes a lease agreement with the hotel for the minimum of one month up to a year. Rooms generally include living room, bedroom, kitchen, private balcony, washing machines, kitchen utensils etc. Unlike normal hotels Serviced apartment only provide weekly one housekeeping service.

For much of Turkish history, the residential hotel served a vital need, providing basic, market-rate, affordable urban housing. Located in central locations, residential hotels served tens of thousands of people of varied means and backgrounds. But starting in the second half of the 20th century, cities began systematically destroying residential hotels. As these dwellings disappeared, waves of displaced citizens found themselves squeezed by the high cost of conventional housing.

An apartment hotel (also residential hotel, or extended-stay hotel) is a serviced apartment complex that uses a hotel-style booking system. It is similar to renting an apartment, but with no fixed contracts and occupants can “check-out” whenever they wish.

Apartment hotels were first created in holiday destinations as accommodation for families that needed to “live” in an apartment rather than “stay” as they would in a hotel. The apartments would provide a “holiday home” but generally be serviced. Later, these apartments evolved to be complete homes, allowing occupants to do everything they would at home, such as cleaning, washing, and cooking.

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