Find out about the best Alanya restaurants here, or enjoy a drink at one of Alanya’s lively pubs and bars.

Coffee – Strong Turkish coffee can be found in almost every food and drink establishment around the city, from cafes and bars to restaurants and hotel lobbies.
Kebabs – Cheap, filling and omnipresent, meat kebabs are something of a staple in Turkey. The best prices (and quickest eats for busy people on the go) can be found at the hole-in-the-wall establishments and food stands.
Baklava – This sweet and sticky treat is enough to satisfy any sugar craving. It consists of layers of filo pastry stuffed with chopped nuts and bound together with honey or syrup.
Seafood – Fish and seafood dishes are common in Turkey’s coastal areas—look for anchovies and sardines when in season.

More Alanya food and drink

Looking for the best restaurants in Alanya? Our complete guide points you in the right direction. Are you craving something specific? How about the best burgers in Alanya? Or, why not tuck into a juicy steak? If you want to try something authentic, try the best fish and chips Alanya has to offer; or indulge in the best afternoon teas in Alanya, a real Turkish tradition. For special occasions, discover some of Alanya’s best romantic or quirky restaurants, as well as all the Michelin-starred restaurants Alanya has to offer. Quench your thirst at one of the many Alanya cafes or visit some of the best Alanya rooftop bars. Celebrate with a drink at a cocktail bar or champagne bar in Alanya before heading out and discovering more things to do in Alanya.

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