Family-friendly hotels

If you’re travelling with children, check into one of these Alanya family hotels.

Are you planning your family holiday in Alanya? Book one of Alanya’s best family-friendly hotels, which have a range of special features to help your stay run smoothly.

Many of the best options for family accommodation in Alanya have cots, family rooms and babysitting services; while the best family hotels in Alanya go even further, offering kids concierge services, games, bike hire and even free cookies!

Discover the best area to stay in Alanya with family for your needs; whether it’s near the top things to do for kids; or in a handy location for a walk in the park, these family friendly hotels in Alanya provide the perfect base.

Alanya hotels with family rooms exist for every budget, so take a look at cheap family hotels in Alanya, as well as other cheap accommodation options; or, for more flexibility when travelling with children, opt for an apartment or self-catering accommodation.

Browse our favourite kid friendly hotels in Alanya below, find the best family hotels in Alanya at or discover more options for where to stay in Alanya.