Alanya has a rich local cuisine consisting of unique tastes and palate. The Mediterranean furnishes many of the restaurants in the county with seafood fresh from the boat. Among mouth watering local dishes are Hülüklü Çorba, also known as Düğün Çorbasi: (mini—meatballs in thick broth soup), Yarpuzlu Akdari Çorbası: (white millet and pennyroyal soup), Döğme Aşı: (wheat and tomato paste in butter), ilibada Sarması (rolls of patience dock leaves filled with spicy rice cooked in olive oil), Şepit (thick unleavened flatbread), Laba Dolması – Kaburga Dolması (sealed and basted ribcage stuffed with mince meat and nuts), Bumbar ( boiled and fried goat intestines filled with a minced meat and herbs), Göleviz (colocasia with lamb in tomato sauce), Taze Bakla Yemeği (green black— eyed beans in tomato sauce), Taze Bakla Yemegi (green broadbeans with lamb in tomato sauce), Mantar (champignons sauteed in tomato and onion sauce), Turunç Reçeli (Seville Orange Jam), Kırkatı (pumpkin skin boiled in thick grape syrup) and Öksüz Helvası (carob paste served with melted butter and sprinkled sugar) The restaurants in Alanya also serve distinguished examples of international cuisine to their customers.

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