• Visited the AIanya Fortress,
  • Seen the Dim Cave,
  • Made a tour in the Dim Stream Valley and eaten freshly caught trout, and
  • Hiked at the nature trail of Sapadere Canyon

The beauty of Alanya makes…

The beauty of Alanya makes it a magnet for tourists and provides everything you could dream of in a holiday. The county’s unique geographical and cultural texture, the attractive and comfortable hotels lining the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea, and the rich tastes of the world renowned Turkish cuisine make it an ideal destination. The possibilities are endless; swimming in the bay where Cleopatra once bathed, lying back and enjoying the sun, exploring the mysterious sea caves on a blue cruise, or soaking in the rich heritage of Mediterranean civilisations, the accumulation of miIIennia, are only some of them.

Are you ready to open your door to an ideal holiday of recreation, entertainment, learning and culinary enjoyment?