Antalya, on the Turkish Riviera, is an ancient region filled with modern hotels, stunning beachside restaurants and plenty of adventures for the active traveler. To whet your appetite, here’s our answers to some common Antalya FAQs.

  • That Antalya is also known as the paradise on earth”, “the pearl of the Mediterranean’. and “the Turkish Riviera”?
  • That the most magnificent and best- preserved ancient thetrejn Asia and Africa is the Asperidos Thafr in’” Antalya?
  • That, in addition to numerous archaeologicaL cities and historic buildings, Antalya offers lots of waterfalls, caves and an endless beach?
  • That 15 of the world’s top 100 hotels are in Antalya, according to a worldwide survey of customer satisfaction conducted among 35 million people?
  • That the world class golf clubs of Antalya are among the favorites internationally famous golfers?
  • That the city was visited by Attalos, and subsequently by queens and emperors such as Cleopatra and Hadrian?
  • That Antalya Museum is one of the world’s most important museums thanks to the ancient statues on display?

What’s the Antalya weather like?

The weather in Antalya in summer is very dry and very hot, so probably best avoided unless you really like to bake. It’s cooler and more pleasant between October and May, with the coldest weather in December through March.

When is the best time to visit Antalya?

If you want to take advantage of the beaches and mountains, head there in late spring or early fall. The weather will be much cooler than in the summer months, but you’ll still be comfortable lounging on a beach or taking a boat trip. But whenever you go, make sure you wear sunscreen!The best time to visit Antalya is late spring or early fall when the weather is best

What is there to do in Antalya?

As well as swimming in the Turkish Riviera and spending a week lying on a sun lounger, there’s plenty to do in Antalya for the more active traveler. The city itself has an attractive old harbor as well as lots of large, new hotels, and lots of sights dating back to the Roman times. Top attractions include Hadrian’s Gate, built in around 30 €  to mark the visit of Emperor Hadrian to Antalya, Hıdırlık Tower, built by the Roman Empire where the sea walls meet the land walls, and Karaalioglu Park, a huge public park overlooking the sea.

Boat tours in Antalya are also a very popular activity, and there’s no shortage of trips to choose from. You can spend up to six hours on board, which will likely include a stop at the Gulf of Antalya islands and Kemer, a seaside resort south of Antalya. You can board the tour boats in the Kaleiçi Roman Harbor in Antalya city, or choose to get a one-way ferry to Kemer which leaves Antalya three times daily (9am, 12pm and 5pm in peak months).

You can also do electric bicycle tours of Antalya with e-bike Antalya. They will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and take you on either an Antalya city tour, countryside tour or riverside tour. You get a practice run on a track before you go so you don’t need to worry if you’ve never ridden an e-bike before.

How do I get to Antalya, Turkey?

You can fly from the anywherer to Antalya, Turkey, from around 150€  return. Direct flights are available

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What are Antalya hotels like?

There’s a lot of all-inclusive five star hotels which were built when Turkey started promoting Antalya as a top tourist destination. Certain stretches of the Antalya coastline are virtually back-to-back hotels, but if you’re looking for an affordable beach holiday that isn’t too far away, this could be the perfect spot. Popular Antalya hotels include the stunning La Boutique Antalya Hotel which has a cable car leading down to a lovely sundeck built out from the cliffside with steps straight down into the sea below (open May through October). There are only 62 rooms and children are not allowed. Rooms start at around *40€ per night.

Another popular option is the Ramada Plaza Antalya. Its restaurant has excellent sea views and the hotel has all the usual five-star amenities – spa, gym, swimming pools, restaurants and bars. Prices for rooms per night start at around 65€.

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