Antalya has a very rich cuisine. As the coastaì plain provides fresh vegetables while the inner parts of the province produce cereals, the local cuisine has a wide variety and rich tastes.

Therefore, local dishes of Antalya are an important part of the Turkish cuisine, which is considered one of the three most important cuisines of the world. Luscious soups, various fish dishes and grilled kebabs, numerous vegetable dishes and salads, delicious desserts and drinks are offered to visitors by many restaurants and cafes scattered around the enchanting atmosphere of the city.

More modest establishments and genuine wral eateries serving visitors in an authentic environment provide excellent dishes and should be considered seriously. Examples from the world cuisine can also be found in Antalya.

The hotels of Antalya with an international reputation provide dishes and menus from eastern, western. southern or northern cuisines. Hotels also have high quality cafes and bars providing a rich selection of drinks.

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