Arts play an important role ¡n the life of Antalya. Antalya is distinguished from other tourist destinations by its numerous artistic activities such as movies, theatres, opera and ballet, and houses several art galleries.

The State Fine Arts Gallery (Mevlevihane) located within the Yivli Minaret Complex must be visited by every art lover.

It is the most important centre for artistic activities, featuring open air and in-house exhibitions of paintings, sculpture, as well as other arts and crafts.

Also the Antalya Museum Art Gallery, the Metropolitan Municipality Cultural Center, the Chamber of Architects Art Gallery, the Antalya Cultural Center Art Gallery, the TOMER Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of the Suna-Inan Kiraç Mediterranean Civilizations Research Institute serve visitors, and there are many other art galleries privately owned or run by associations and societies. ANSAN (Antalya Artists’ Association) Art Gallery, Falez Art Gallery, OrkunOzan Art Gallery, Art House Art Gallery, Bohem Art Gallery, and Caricature Street where caricature exhibitions are displayed are among the other principal art galleries that can be visited in Antalya.