Alanya was on the historical Silk Road, and there were many caravanserais or inns built in its environs along with fortresses to ensure their safety. The Alanya Fortress is a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage List. Within its walls there are many impressive monumental buildings. The walls, towers, bastions, hundreds of cisterns, Tersane (Dockyard), Kizilkule (Red Tower), Palace of Seljuk rulers, along with the traditional Alanya houses serve to carry visitors on a journey into history and the soul. The Alanya houses of the Fortress, which have been restored and put into use, are worth a visit. Some of the houses contain old style hand looms for weaving, and others serve food in their gardens.

The road up to the Fortress is open to vehicular traffic, and there are restaurants and cafés overlooking the harbour and port. Climbing on foot may take about 45 minutes, but a complete tour of the Fortress may take a whole day.