In 1230, Aksebe Sultan, the first commander of Alanya Fortress during the reign of Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat, commissioned this masjid just 100 metres away from the Süleymaniye Mosque. In the building are two square—planned rooms built with dressed stone walls, lined on the inside with brickwork and topped with a brick dome. One Of these rooms is the masjid and the other is the tomb containing the grave of Aksebe Sultan and three other gravest.

There are indications that the walls of its apse were clad in tile The inscription reads as follows: “God knows the mysteries of the earth and heavenst. The God’s masjid could only be built by those who have faith in Him and the Judgement Day Humble Akşebe, a devotee of the God who needs His grace was instrumental in the building (of this masjid) in 1230 during the period of great suItan Alaaddin” A few metres apart from the masjid, on a rough stone base, rises the cylindrical brick minaret. An unusual feature of this minaret is that it terminates at the Şerefe (Adhan platform) level.